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Every company has an inventory location. In many cases they manufacture products that must be housed until customers place an order. In some cases parts that are used in the manufacturer of finished goods are needed in order to produce the goods being sold. Even service organizations have one or more locations where products such as paper goods, office products and computer equipment are stored until they are needed.

The OptiCrib solution supports any and all of these inventory locations by keeping a watchful eye on all personnel who wish to gain access to those company assets and then recording every interaction with those assets. Every item that is picked up, put back or taken is observed and the appropriate action is taken to maintain integrity with back-end office systems.

Have a unique inventory problem? Great, let us know what that is and we would be more than happy to help with a solution.

Tool Cribs

An often-overlooked issue is the management of tool cribs. While companies take the necessary steps to secure tool inventory, high-use areas are often left unsecured sometimes leading to tool items being misplaced. If detailed logs are not kept, items go missing which can mean lost inventory, lowered productivity and missed project deadlines.

Because OptiCrib can easily track all personnel entering the tool crib and record all items removed and returned, the system can easily help to improve efficiencies, lower operating costs and increase employee satisfaction.

Vendor Managed Inventory locations

Suppliers maintain proper inventory levels within VMI locations by performing periodic inspections and conducting inventory counts when replenishing items. Changes in inventory quantities are counted towards consumed goods and invoices are created for the used product.

VMI locations that are managed by OptiCrib can proactively provide consumption reporting to both the customer and the supplier to ensure both parties in the supply chain link are fully aware of all detailed usage. Invoices received by the customer from the supplier are easily reconciled thus improving customer satisfaction and shortening the time to pay for receivables.

MRO Sheds

Managing fastener inventory presents a unique challenge for many companies. With the large variation in types, sizes, lengths and materials found in fasteners, companies need to ensure that the proper inventory quantities exist at all times for projects that use significant volumes of certain types of fasteners while having inventory available for infrequent, special-use items.

OptiCrib’s technology recognizes the quantities of each type of part number contained within a bin and recognizes, with excellent precision, how much inventory was removed from an inventory location. Because of this ability there is no need to count individual, or weigh a collection of, items. This ability helps to increase employee efficiencies and reduce errors in order, billing and inventory quantities.

Vending Machines

The vast majority of vending machine installations are anonymous kiosks. Most of these machines require only an electrical connection and there is no communication with any system to track inventory levels within the unit. These systems often run out of material which remains unnoticed until someone arrives to restock the machine.