Covid-19 Applications

Opticrib Applications Designed to Fight Covid-19

OptiCrib™ and our development partners have been focused on creating applications to help clients combat the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. As businesses go back to work, helping the workforce manage social distancing protocols and finding ways to reduce infections is important to everyone. By leveraging our unique computer vision systems capabilities, we are proud to introduce the following new applications.

The Opticrib Social Distancing Tracker

OptiCrib™ has the ability to monitor social distancing protocols within a defined space.
As employees travel around the office or warehouse, social distancing protocols are tracked and reported. This ensures each company maintains compliance with social distancing guidelines. Time-lapse analytics help us understand where social distancing guidelines are being broken due to tight spaces or unexpected foot traffic.


The heat map view to the left provides an intuitive visual report to identify problem areas and inform product and fixture improvements to help avoid congestion or congregation. Finally, our social distancing analytics dashboard provides insights on optimizations related to capacity at peak times or employee training which may be necessary. It also allows for easily quantifying compliance levels and understanding trends over time.

Social Distancing
Fever Screening

Opticrib Thermal Camera Fever Screening

OptiCrib™ can help stop the spread of illness between employees by screening temperatures as people enter your building.

The screening process for building entry applications is as follows:-

1. Temperature checks are given to employees (and any other visitors) via high-accuracy thermal cameras before entering the space. Due to higher resolution than other thermal cameras, screening can occur at a more natural distance while still maintaining accuracy rates within 0.5 degrees F.In addition, our facial recognition technology is used automatically to determine where the system should take the reading from.

2. If the temperature reading falls below 100.4 degrees F, the person may enter as normal, and the status screen will read “CLEAR”.

3. If the temperature reading falls at or above 100.4 degrees F, the person will be redirected to validate the reading, and the status screen will read “STOP”. If the temperature is still registered, they will not be able to enter the building. It is recommended that they not return to the building until they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.