Markets Served

The OptiCrib™ automated supply room solution is designed to meet the needs of business-to-business (B2B) supply management at a reduced cost. Our revolutionary computer vision technology can help reduce supply chain labor expenses for almost any business or governmental enterprise while delivering highly accurate item counts. Whether the need is to manage an industrial manufacturing plant’s internal inventory, or medical supplies in a hospital setting, or to simply keep restaurant supplies in the stockroom of your favorite pub, where there is a B2B supply relationship, OptiCrib™ represents an end-to-end automated solution. In short, anywhere that a business or governmental enterprise is managing inventory and conveying replenishment orders to other businesses, our technology can help! While our basic tech was originally designed to meet the needs of cashier-free retail shopping (business-to-consumer applications), the OptiCrib™ brand is aimed exclusively at business supply management. Key design requirements for our business customers required us to integrate our new technology to established solutions for security, automated procurement, and professional inventory management. Our product delivers lowered operating expenses while ensuring reliable inventory levels are maintained.

We create pristine spend data without over-burdening your supply chain. Data becomes information, and information becomes knowledge.

Because of our unique technology, the OptiCrib™ system automatically generates remarkably accurate consumption and expense accounting transaction data, and the system can be applied to all manner of materials, including direct materials, indirect materials, consumables, and operating supplies. The system drives itself, rather than creating more work for your supply chain staff.

Our analytics create accountability between end-users and procurement, allowing managers to reduce over-consumption and inspect the over-use of materials. Clients armed with this powerful information are able to reduce spend against their budgets before the money is spent.

Key Business Sectors and Applications

Manufacturing Sector; manufacturing plants must manage the warehousing of the raw materials they use to make their products (“direct materials”) as well as the various industrial use materials needed to operate and maintain their plants and keep their employees safe (known as Maintenance Repair and Operational supplies, or “indirect materials”). OptiCrib™ products are designed our rugged and secure hi-tech installations into every manufacturing environment from high dust and dirt industries (like foundries and foods) all the way to clean-room applications (like semiconductors and pharmaceuticals). OptiCrib™ provides 24/7 access to all types of inventory with 100% shopper accountability and no requirement for full-time storeroom attendants. In addition to inventory and procurement modules, OptiCrib™ also provides robust CMMS software to help maintenance departments become more efficient at scheduling their work

Governmental Sector; state and local governments manage a significant amount of industrial use consumables for their public works programs, including water departments, park systems, police, road maintenance, fleet maintenance, and facilities maintenance supplies. Accurate and automated inventory management reduces the risk of stock-outs and over-spending taxpayer money.

Medical Sector; medical supplies, personal protective equipment, and even highly secure pharmaceutical dispensaries can be managed by or integrated to our ground-breaking technology.The virtues of reduced traffic and handling of products in automated computer vision supply rooms means lower chances of losing sterile containment, losing chain of title, or running out of needed products because replenishment protocols weren’t met during an emergency.

Facilities Management and Hospitality Services Sector; many firms provide integrated services to help manage facilities maintenance and food services for large institutions or campuses, while many large institutions still self-perform these functions. Either way, the warehousing and management of operating supplies to support these internal services can become expensive, especially with few material management solutions aimed at their specific needs. We believe OptiCrib™ provides a unique solution set for these customers by providing small footprint self-managing stores that can be placed throughout a large building or campus (for office supplies, restaurant supplies, or facility maintenance products) in order to reduce time spent on procuring and retrieving these typically low-cost materials.

Energy Sector; almost every inventory requirement that applies to manufacture would apply to the energy sector, although the maintenance processes in these sectors are quite different. Beyond routine maintenance and repair supplies, power plants, utilities, and refineries must schedule major shutdowns to maintain and repair their key components. For power plants, these events are called “outages”, and for petrochemicals or refineries, they are called “turnarounds”.The increase in onsite contractor personnel and work to be done can overtax existing supply chain solutions, and so the OptiCrib™ Job Trailer has been developed to provide frictionless inventory management in a major project environment.

Construction Sector; in addition to major project support, the OptiCrib™ Job Trailer is designed to support multiple contractors for their common consumable requirements, such as personal protective equipment or basic hand tools and industrial supplies. The key application for our Job Trailer is to provide accountability and expense reporting to each specific contracting company so that inventories are accurately billed out and quickly replenished. One of the great advantages of our Job Trailer solution is that the units are designed in a modular way so that multiple units can be joined together to create larger inventory management areas as required by the size of the job site and the products to be managed.